U.S. Court of Appeals denies Gov. Mike Pence’s block of Syrian refugee aid

("Iraq: Cash for the Most Vulnerable_413" by European Commission DG ECHO, CC BY-ND 2.0)

An Indiana court has delivered yet another defeat to Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s attempt to block aid to Syrian refugees resettling in Indiana.

United States Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner upheld a lower court’s ruling in February. He says that it is “nightmare speculation” to assume some of the Syrian refugees could really be ISIS members, according to the Indy Star.

After the Paris terrorist attack in November, Pence said he didn’t believe the federal government was adequately screening refugees from the war-torn country.

His office says the Republican vice presidential candidate hasn’t changed his mind, and Donald Trump has said he’d suspend arrivals from Syria, portraying them as a potential security threat.

Indianapolis-based Exodus Refugee Immigration says it hasn’t encountered any troubles in resettling nearly 100 Syrians in Indiana this year.

The Associated Press contributed to this story

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  1. All well and good. Let’s really bring it home. All the ‘refugees’ should be settled in the homes of and supported by the judge handing down this decision along with the employees/volunteers of the Exodus Refugee Immigration organization. Starting at the top and filtering down the employee/volunteer roles. This should be for a term of at least a year for each settled ‘refugee’.


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