Another drop in unemployment in Indiana


By: Jon Zimney

More people are heading back to work in Indiana.

The state’s unemployment rate dropped .1% to 5.9% percent. The gains come from Private, Educational & Health Services, Leisure and Hospitality and Manufacturing sectors.

Unemployment in the Hoosier State is now down 2.4% during the past two years.

We will find out how St. Joseph and Elkhart Counties fared on Monday.

The following information from the Indiana February 2015 Unemployment report comes from the Department of Workforce Development:

· Since July 2009, Indiana has added 268,400 Private Sector jobs, which ranks 12th in the nation, at a rate of 11.6%, which ranks 13th in the nation.

· Indiana’s Total Private Sector employment (2,591,600) now stands at only 21,100 jobs below the all-time peak of employment in March 2000 of 2,612,600.

· The Hoosier State has added the 2nd most Manufacturing jobs (+88,400) in the U.S. since July 2009, at a rate that also ranks 2nd in the nation (+20.7%).

· The Hoosier State has grown the 2nd most Manufacturing jobs in the U.S. over the past year (+14,400), and is 9th in the nation in rate of growth (+2.9%).

· Indiana continues to have the highest concentration of private sector Manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

· Indiana’s unemployment rate decline of 4.9% since July of 2009, the low point of employment in the state, ranks 9th in the U.S.

· Our decrease of 2.5% over the past two years ranks 11th in the nation.

· Indiana’s labor force has grown by 52,034 over the past year, the 11th largest increase in the U.S., and the largest in the Midwest.