Casey Hendrickson talks about the new Indiana left lane law, segregating 3rd graders to prevent racism and putting a woman on the $20 bill


By: Casey Hendrickson

Finally — a law that everyone can believe in. This July, Indiana has a new law that will force slow drivers to get out of the left lane or else get a $500 fine. About time.

Find out more about that, plus learn about a Marine veteran who was suspended for requesting a non-Muslim counselor and a St. Louis Cardinals mascot who is in trouble for holding a sign that said “Police Lives Matter.”



  • New Indiana law requires you to get out of left lane if you are a slow road terrorist
  • St. Louis Cardinals mascot in trouble for holding ‘Police Lives Matter’ sign 


  • School decides to fight ‘microaggressions’ and racism by segregating 3rd graders
  • Indiana Senate supports putting woman on $20 bill 


  • Indiana DOE cites local school districts for disproportionately diagnosing students with disabilities based on race
  • Pizza Wars update
  • Girl suspended from school in final 30 minutes before graduation
  • Marine veteran suspended for requesting non-Muslim counselor 
  • Obama loses in another court case on executive amnesty