Travion Kirkland takes the stand in his own defense during murder trial


By: Jon Zimney

Friday, June 5, will mark Day Five of the Travion Kirkland murder trial during which the defendant will once again take the witness stand in his own defense in Elkhart Circuit Court.

On Thursday, Kirkland gave his account of where he was the night 21-year-old Jesse Bowen was shot and killed in his Baugo Township home, according to 95.3 MNC’s reporting partners at The Elkhart Truth.

In his testimony,he countered several key pieces of evidence linking him to the shooting: witness accounts that put him at the scene, a mask found nearby with his DNA on it and texts in which he claimed to be in South Bend at the time of the shooting.

The prosecution will cross-examine Travion Kirkland today as the trial continues.

If convicted, Kirkland faces up to 65 years in prison.