Man convicted of confining woman to bedroom at knife-point for several hours


By: Jon Zimney

A man accused of confining a woman to a bedroom at knife-point for five hours at a home in Middlebury was convicted on Wednesday, June 17, in Elkhart County Superior Court.

Gregory A. Taylor, Jr., 41, was charged with of one count of criminal confinement with a deadly weapon after the incident in December of 2013.

The jury heard testimony from the victim, other residents of the home and police officers involved in the investigation.

Two residents testified that they heard “stomping” upstairs throughout the early morning hours on the day of the incident. One of the residents testified that he went upstairs around 4:45 a.m. to request Taylor and the victim quiet down. When the victim began to speak, Taylor told her to “shut up” and not to “share their business.”

A video recorded statement made by Taylor to one of the police detectives was played for the jury. In the statement, Taylor told the detective that earlier in the day in question, some of his acquaintances had forcibly intoxicated him with drugs, making him unaware of what he was doing, and therefore he should not be held accountable for his conduct.

Taylor also said the victim was free to leave even though he was armed with a knife, struck the victim multiple times, and threaten to burn down the house if she left.

The jury deliberated for 50 minutes before returning to the courtroom with the guilty verdict

Taylor’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 9, 2015. Taylor is being held without bond at the Elkhart County Jail pending sentencing.