Bethel College professor resigns amid new human origin education guidelines


By: Danielle Waldron

A Bethel College professor resigned after the school’s board of trustees adopted an educational philosophy focused on creationism. 

A professor since 1998 and a Bethel College alumnus, Jim Stump announced his resignation in a joint letter with the school’s president June 26, according to 95.3 MNC’s reporting partners at The Elkhart Truth. The policy was adopted earlier in June. 

The new policy states creationism should be accepted as the “official, meritorious, and theologically responsible position of the College…” It forbids faculty from advocating or being active, through leadership or contract, an academic community that differs with the belief in creation.

In addition to teaching at Bethel, Stump is also the content manager of BioLogos, an online forum that focuses on the intersection and harmony of faith and science. BioLogos makes the case for evolutionary creationism — that is, that God uses evolution to create life on Earth.

There does not seem to be accompanied by hard feelings from Stump or Bethel College over the policy or Stumps resignation, The Elkhart Truth reports.

The policy can be found on the Bethel College website.

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