South Bend firefighter suspended after being accused of using racial slur while talking to patient


By: Krystal Vivian

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A South Bend firefighter accused of using the “N word” and other derogatory language while taking care of a patient in February was suspended from his job for four months without pay.

Board of Public Safety President John Collins said on Wednesday, July 16, that Michael Brown violated department rules against using derogatory language and having discourteous conduct toward the public and other personnel, WNDU reported

Brown was accused of using the “N word” and saying he was tired of “their filthy hygiene” while taking care of a female patient during a call on Feb. 20, according to WNDU. South Bend Fire Department Chief Steve Cox had recommended that Brown be fired, but the Board of Public Safety suspended him instead.

Vince Campiti, Brown’s attorney, said that he plans to appeal the suspension and that Brown didn’t do anything wrong.