Tuesday Traffic Update: New construction results in closure of Ironwood Road


By: Jon Zimney jzimney@953mnc.com


  • (NEW) On Tuesday, Aug. 4, it’s back-to-school for students in Knox Community Schools, Culver Community Schools, Oregon-Davis and the Triton School Corporation. Be sure to watch for students coming and going, and remember, if you see a school bus with its stop-arm extended, you must stop.


  • The ramp from eastbound U.S. 20 to the northbound bypass is closed. Also, the ramp from the northbound bypass to westbound U.S. 20 is closed. Intermittent lane closure on U.S. 20 and the bypass are also possible.
  • (NEW) Crews are removing trees on Dunn and Peach Roads this week. Dunn Road is closed from Timothy Road to Wintergreen on Tuesday August 4th. (ends 8/4)

(NEW) Road work is underway on the following roads this week:

  • Adams Road from Primrose Trail to Mayflower Road
  • Lilac Road from Cleveland Road to Brick Road
  • Olive Road from Lincoln Way Highway to Cleveland Road
  • Pine Road from Edison Road to Lincoln Way Highway
  • Edison Road from Sundown Road to Woodlawn Avenue
  • Harrison Road from Pear Trail to End of Road


  • (NEW) East Colfax Avenue is restricted from Niles Avenue to Sycamore Street. (ends late on 8/4)
  • (NEW) Linden Road is restricted from Lombardy to Burbank. (ends 8/6)
  • (NEW) Ironwood is restricted from Corby to McKinley for repaving. (ends late on 8/6)
  • Northside Drive is restricted from St. Louis to Northside Blvd. (ends 8/27)
  • The Ford Street railroad crossing is closed. (TFN)
  • Watch for lane restrictions on Western Avenue from Dundee to Bendix. (ends 10/1)


  • (NEW) Gumwood Road is closing from north of Adams Road to the Michigan state line for road work. Residents who live in the neighborhoods along that stretch will need to get in and out through Adams Road.
  • (NEW) In Mishawaka, Cedar St. will be closed to through traffic between Lincolnway and Fourth St. The intersection of Cedar St. and Third St. will also be closed. Lincolnway and Fourth St. will remain open to traffic. (ends 10/31)
  • Mishawaka Ave. will be closed between Forest Avenue and Liberty Drive. (ends 10/31)
  • Mishawaka Avenue is closed to through traffic from Cedar Street to Willow Street. (ends 8/14)
  • Fir Road is closed to all traffic between State Road 23 and Brick Road. (ends 8/31)
  • Fir Road is closed between Cleveland Road and the Toll Road bridge. This includes the intersection of Fir and University Drive. (ends 8/31)


  • Fifth Street is closed from north of Pike Street to Rock Run Creek.


  • Avalon Street is closed from Indiana Avenue to Edgewater Blvd. (ends 8/6)
  • The U.S. 33 bridge over the Elkhart River in Benton is closed. Detour using U.S. 6 to State Road 13, State Road 15, then back to 33.
  • Waterfall Drive is closed between Franklin St & High Street for streetscape improvements and Riverwalk extension. E. Lexington, Waterfall Drive and High Street will be one-way throughout the construction project. (ends 9/15)
  • Prairie Street is closed from Division Street to Stocker Court. This includes the intersection with Division. Detour to Main, Franklin and Waterfall. (ends 11/15/15)
  • Folsom Street is closed at Elizabeth, Belmont, Huron and York. Take Bar Street to get to the cross streets. (ends 11/15/15)


  • U.S. 20 lane expansion continues from County Road 17 to County Road 15. (ends 7/2015)


  • State Road 119 is closed between County Road 7 and State Road 19 while crews continue work on a new roundabout at 19-119 and County Road 44. County Road 44 East is also closed. (ends 10/2015)


  • The U.S. 6 bridge over the Yellow River is closed. The bridge is a mile west of State Road 331 in Bremen. (ends 9/2015)


  • In Niles, the right shoulder on the eastbound US-12 bridge over M-51 is closed as a precaution due to damage to the beam. (ends TBA)
  • A reminder for downtown Niles drivers, that the Main St. Bridge is closed for an entire year. Detours are set along Lincoln, Grant, Broadway, Fifth and Wayne Streets.