Record South Bend Cubs attendance numbers don't reflect turnstile numbers needed for revenue-sharing deal with South Bend


By: Associated Press

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — Attendance numbers show that the South Bend Cubs have had another record-setting year.

But the city of South Bend, which owns Four Winds Field where the team plays, has yet to profit. That’s because the revenue-sharing deal between the team and the city for use of the park is based on actual turnstile attendance, which as of July 1 hadn’t hit the 125,000 needed to activate the agreement.

The South Bend Tribune reports that the amount taken in by the city depends on the number of people who actually enter the stadium and not the number of people who pay for attendance.

Last year, the city received just over $6,500 on actual attendance of about 151,300 visitors, even though paid attendance was over 258,000.