TCU Freed Field is the latest field to sport naming rights bought with private dollars at Penn-Harris-Madison schools


By: Krystal Vivian

During its home opener Friday night, Aug. 28, Penn High School will debut the new name of its football field — TCU Freed Field.

The initials at the front of the name come from Teachers Credit Union, which agreed to pay Penn-Harris-Madison Schools $33,000 a year over 12 years for the naming rights, according to the South Bend Tribune. That’s a total of $396,000.

TCU will also develop financial literacy programs for students and families, the Tribune reported.

It’s not the first PHM athletic field that has a corporate sponsorship and new name. The soccer field, softball field and tennis courts each have been sold for naming rights. PHM schools have earned about $500,000 from the naming rights campaign and more is planned.

The naming rights of classrooms are also being offered, with prices ranging from about $5,000 for elementary classrooms to up to $25,000 for high school classrooms.

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