Threatening Facebook posts prompt investigation at Notre Dame


By: Krystal Vivian

A series of threatening Facebook posts from a recent University of Notre Dame graduate is causing concern for campus police and students.

Notre Dame Security Police sent a crime alert to students early Wednesday morning, Sept. 2, alerting them to the investigation.

NDSP has identified and contact the student and his family, according to the alert.

WNDU reported that the following is part of one of the Facebook posts that prompted the investigation:

I have a channeled message for the Good People: Jesus Christ has risen once again and He has arrived this morning to His eternal new Home on Earth in order to join His Mother, Our Lady, Notre Dame.

Rejoice and be glad for those in His favor will join Him in his new eternal Heaven on Earth.

Evildoers: Be prepared to suffer the wrath of the Almighty God, the combination of Old Testament and New Testament Being of eternal Darkness and Light, for as long as you are out of favor with the LORD you will remain in His Shadow. This is NOT a WARNING, for your happiness matters not to the GOD OF JUDGEMENT.


I am [First name] Christ, the One who tricked the medical professionals and law enforcement and so-called family members and friends to bend to His will and allow a many times “professionally” diagnosed “mental illness” patient to roam free and return to His home with Notre Dame du Lac.

Prepare yourselves to do my bidding or suffer the immediate consequences of my eternal unconditional Anger.