Suspension of high school student who stood up for bullied kid is a huge problem, Casey Hendrickson says


By: Casey Hendrickson

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On the show on Monday, I gave you an update on story I’ve talked about a previousIy involving a blind kid who was being bullied and was attacked by another student at school in Hungtington Beach, Calif.

While everyone else stood by, one student named Cody came to the aid of the blind kid and hits the bully, knocking him to the ground in one punch. Cody has been hailed a hero by the community, local police department and on social media, but the school has suspended him and kicked him off the football team.

This “zero tolerance“ mindset is the same as the mindset of the people who stood by and did nothing while a man was murdered on the DC Metro train. I wonder if the school would protect students from a mass shooter since they have a ”zero tolerance” policy against all violence — even violence that is used to defend the innocent.

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