Casey Hendrickson: Listeners weigh on on whether fining parents of bullies will stop bullying


By: Casey Hendrickson The Casey Hendrickson Show

Casey took calls from listeners to get their opinions on whether issuing fines to the parents of bullies was the right way to curb bullying in our communities. Especially since bullying is often subjective.

Some listeners called Casey and opposed the idea that parents should be held responsible for their child’s alleged bullying. Several pointed out that parents aren’t allowed to properly discipline their children anymore, and now they will be punished for it.

 Others though the ordinance didn’t go far enough. They wanted bigger fines for parents, and to get rid of the 90 day repeat offender time frame.

Casey also pointed out that the ordinance might be unconstitutional given the Bill of Attainder provisions in the US and state Constitutions. You are innocent until proven guilty, and have a right to face your accuser in court. This ordinance seems to allow police officers to be judge and jury.