Baby scalded by hot water in bathtub, babysitters facing charges


By: Jon Zimney

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Two babysitters in LaPorte are facing charges after prosecutors say a baby in their care was not taken to the hospital for three days after being burned in a bathtub.

The 14 month-old girl suffered third degree burns over more than 20 percent of her body, according to The South Bend Tribune. The delay in treatment led to a blood infection that left her in critical condition on a ventilator, The South Bend Tribune reported.

Coty Sobolewski, 19, and 20 year-old Kaylin Reynolds, 20, are scheduled to be arraigned Friday, Dec. 4, on a felony charge of neglect of a dependent.

The child’s mother, who is reportedly a friend of the two, left the baby in their care while she was out of town.

The burns were the result of a bathwater that was too hot, according to the LaPorte Police Chief of Detectives, as reported by The South Bend Tribune.

The child is listed in stable condition.