Fines can't be collected yet for restaurants that violate Elkhart's fats, oils and grease ordinance


By: Krystal Vivian

Sixty restaurants in Elkhart could face fines for not complying with the city’s new fats, oils and grease ordinance, but Elkhart officials can’t collect fines yet.

That’s because the city of Elkhart needs to pass an ordinance to collect fines from businesses that violate the ordinance, according to our news partners The Elkhart Truth. It’s not clear when the ordinance will be voted on.

Elkhart City Council passed an ordinance last summer regulating how much grease is clogging city sewer lines. Restaurants were required to register with the city for free by Sept. 1.

Fines for violating the ordinance start at $50, then will increase every 30 days to $100, $200 and $250.

Read more about the fats, oils and grease ordinance and the delay in the full story from The Elkhart Truth.