Incoming Boilermakers might be housed in temporary quarters


By: Associated Press

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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) — Purdue University will open a new residence hall this fall, but even with 804 new beds, some students will have to start in temporary housing.

WLFI-TV reports that the popularity of on-campus living has university officials scrambling.

Mike Shettle is director of university residences administration. He says 350 students began last year in temporary space. Anyone who signed up by May 5 will have a place to live, if temporarily.

Shettle says the school is not “putting them in a storage room somewhere or behind the boiler down in the basement.” Students will be housed in the Union Club Hotel, residence hall lounges, study rooms or guest apartments.

The make-shift lodging can last from a few days to an entire semester.

Purdue plans more residence halls.