Mishawaka schools referenda approved by 70 percent of voters

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

The School City of Mishawaka will receive a total of $25.6 million after two referenda were approved by 70 percent of voters on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

One referendum provides $13 million for the capital budget, while the other provides $1.8 million per year for seven years for operations. The money will pay for updates to schools’ facilities, upgraded technology, new programming for schools and employee raises.

Voters did not approve a referendum to provide about $28 million for Mishawaka schools in 2013. Several opponents of that referendum supported the 2016 measures, including the Mishawaka City Council, according to the South Bend Tribune.

Read more about why opponents of the 2013 referendum supported the 2016 referenda in the story from the South Bend Tribune.


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