Paw Paw school board votes to keep “Redskins” mascot

(Photo supplied/Paw Paw Public Schools)

They will continue to be called the “Redskins”

The Paw Paw school board voted 4-to-3 keep the controversial moniker in place. Wednesday night’s meeting drew quite a crowd, and several people were asked to leave when the meeting became heated, according to MLive.

Board members say the issue will not come up again, anytime soon.

The mascot name came under fire before locally, as Goshen High School made the switch last year from Redskins to RedHawks after a great deal of debate. In Fort Wayne, North Side High School changed their nickname last year from Redskins to Legends.

The question has also been raised in the past in the NFL about the Washignton Redskins, along with other professional sports franchises.


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