Indiana man ticketed for using plastic bat to defend son against Canada goose

("Annoyed Canada Goose" by Smabs Sputzer, CC BY 2.0)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indianapolis man says he shouldn’t have been ticketed for using a plastic bat to protect his 4-year-old son from an aggressive Canada goose.

James McDaniel tells WXIN-TV that the goose came across a field and chased his son, so he struck it with the bat. McDaniel says that the goose was “clearly attacking” the boy and he was only doing what he could to protect his child.

Marion County animal services ticketed McDaniel for animal cruelty. An incident report says witnesses said that McDaniel hit the bird three times.

A Monday court hearing is planned.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says people are allowed to protect themselves or others from wildlife, but may only use a reasonable amount of force.


  1. So, the big Canadian pigeon didn’t die, but was attacking a child, and the county bureaucrat takes offense.

    How dare you defend your family peasant! Those are the King Geese!

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