South Bend Tribune to move printing operations to Grand Rapids Michigan


More than 50 employees of the South Bend Tribune will lose their jobs as the newspaper announced it will end local printing operations and, instead, will have the paper printed in Walker, Michigan, which is near Grand Rapids.

The outsourcing will begin in late June, according to The South Bend Tribune.

The printed editions will then be trucked into the area for local delivery.

Around 15 full-time workers and 40 part-time workers will lose their jobs as a result of the change, The South Bend Tribune reported.

The change is being made to keep the newspaper operating as financially efficient as possible, according to an executive with the South Bend Tribune.

The newspaper will continue to be published seven days a week and readers will not experience any changes in the delivery times, the executive stated.

Read more about how the change will impact news deadlines in the complete story from the South Bend Tribune


  1. The only thing worth reading for years in the SBT has been the comics. Most of their ‘news’ was just reprints from elsewhere.

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