South Bend’s four young peregrine falcons get metal tags Wednesday


All tagged up and ready to fly.

The four peregrine falcon children of Peace and Maltese, South Bend’s resident peregrine falcon power couple, were fitted for metal bands Wednesday.

The bands will help wildlife researchers track their progress and get valuable conservation data. The peregrine falcon population dropped dangerously low in the 1950s and 1960s and researchers are trying to ensure the species stays intact.

Efforts to keep the falcons alive have worked so far, as they’re no longer on the endangered species list in Indiana and Illinois.

Peace and Maltese have been busy raising the four young birds atop the County-City building in South Bend. The birds will soon be ready to fly off on their own, but before they do, get a last look at them on the Falcam below:


  1. Seems like there are way more important things to worry about than preserving a once endangered (but not any more) species. Endangered species are kind of similar to the ice age that was declared in the 70’s to be coming that would kill us all by 2000 or climate change (AKA global warming) that will kill the whole planet by 2015. What is the natural predator of a falcon? Do people hunt them? Why were they dying off? What changed so now they are no longer endangered? “Efforts to keep the falcons alive have worked so far”. What efforts other than putting them on 24 hour webcams? More FAKE news to serve someone’s agenda.

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