South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg starting Political Action Committee


South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is starting a national Political Action Committee.

The Hitting Home PAC vows to use the media to support candidates at all levels of government who want to “re-center our politics around everyday life.”

In an essay posted on, Buttigieg vows to use the PAC to show what the party is for, not just what it’s against. He feels that national politicians are talking too much about themselves and not the issues affecting the people they serve.

The announcement came hours before he appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” early Friday morning.


  1. As a resident of South Bend I am not happy to pay for our Mayor to play politics on a national level. If he wants to do that then quit as Mayor and go do that! South Bend has issues that our Mayor just ignores so he won’t tarnish his record before leaving to run for the Senate or something. He doesn’t do much when he should be doing a lot. “Dumb Streets” and roundabouts is his legacy here in South Bend. Just another Dem that will go to Washington to do nothing but divide people further.

  2. “Hitting Home PAC” because he hasn’t beaten the life out of the community yet. Hopefully just another democrat that fades into obscurity.

    He needs those dumb streets because he needs to watch what those people out there are doing. He needed the roundabouts because of either a nice .ppt brief and everyone else is doing it or he knew the contractor.

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