Elkhart Police receive donated drone, ATV


The Elkhart Police Department will soon be taking to the skies.

A $15,000r drone was donated by a local businessman, and police expect the device will allow them to cover a lot of ground and save time in an emergency.

Police Captain Brian Moore tells the South Bend Tribune he’s been looking at drone technology for quite a while. The drone features night vision capabilities and a thermal camera, and the department expects to train several officers to use it.

A $15,000 ATV scout vehicle that can be used by the drone operator in the field was also donated to the department by a local business.


  1. Elkhart businesses are the best! In South Bend they would levy a new tax for $3,000,000 to pay for that then build a few roundabouts in celebration…

  2. As to a UAV or not…the issue is not the platform, it is the sensor. Any LEO helo has the same capability. The issue is not the platform it is the misuse of information gathered. I do not support the unseeing eye of government, neither do I deny that these systems may be necessary in valid circumstances.

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