LimeBikes being damaged, thrown in river despite successful South Bend launch


The LimeBikes in South Bend have been popular so far with both riders and vandals alike.

City officials say 3,500 riders have used the LimeBikes, a number that’s still climbing. But some people aren’t using them properly, and that opens the bikes up for vandalism.

Five bikes have been fished out of the St. Joseph River, and others have been damaged.

Officials from the city and the company are hopeful that their customers will be respectful and follow all of the procedures for finishing up their rides to lock the bikes in place.

Despite these setbacks, WSBT reports that LimeBike looks to expand the program, adding neighborhoods near the Notre Dame campus, and elsewhere.


  1. These are not users, they are hood rats that have no respect for anything, not even themselves and the reason we have so many is because South Bend has been run by the Dems forever!

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