Victim of Niles homicide identified, husband arrested


A wife is dead, her husband is in jail on an unrelated charge, and the accused killers are still on the loose in Niles.

The shooting happened at about 6 p.m. Sunday on the 1400 block of Lawndale Ave. after a husband and wife returned home from an outing.

The Berrien County Sheriff’s Office says the couple saw a pair of heavyset men in the basement. One or both of the men opened fire, killing 55-year-old Carla Jean Lewis and leaving in the couple’s car.

While the suspects remain on the loose, however, the husband is in jail. Deputies say 49-year-old John Benton Lewis was found not to be in compliance with Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act.

Police are still looking for the car, a black or dark blue 2008 Mazda SUV, with a Michigan licence plate of CMY3721. If you’ve seen this car, contact police immediately.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is also now involved in the case.


  1. Are you serious??? Niles police arrested the man who’s wife was murdered for marijuana? What dicks! How much time was wasted with that rather than finding the MURDERERS!!! Niles COPS are dumb___es! And for the record I don’t use marijuana.

  2. Hey homeboy,

    Wait and see how it plays out. A logical person would presume the husband is involved. After all, if you’ve already shot the wife, why not shoot the husband also? Why did he live and was unharmed. Often times the police will arrest a suspect on a lesser charge until they have enough evidence to charge them with the real crime.

  3. Why are they not searching for the killers of this poor woman? Why torment the poor man? Leave cannabis alone and fight REAL CRIME!

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