Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill accused of inappropriate touching

Curtis Hill is sworn in as Indiana's attorney general by Chief Justice Loretta H. Rush on a bible held by his wife, Teresa, during an inaugural ceremony Monday, Jan. 9, 2017, in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings, Pool)

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Indiana’s Democratic Party chairman is urging Republican Attorney General Curtis Hill to resign after he was investigated because four women accused him of inappropriate touching.

Chairman John Zody said the allegations against Hill are “beyond troubling and wildly inappropriate.”

Indiana Republican Party Chairman Kyle Hupfer says the GOP has “zero tolerance for sexual harassment,” but stopped short of calling for Hill’s resignation.

Hill’s office did not respond to a request for comment Tuesday morning. He previously denied the accusations.

An eight-page memo detailing the accusations states that a lawmaker and three legislative staffers said Hill inappropriately touched them during a party on the final night of Indiana’s legislative session.

The Indianapolis Star was the first to report on the memo, which was independently obtained by The Associated Press.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb issued the following statement:

“I’m in a remote area of Montana with Janet celebrating our anniversary for a few days. I have limited information from media sources I’m able to access.

“We took great care to update our sexual harassment policies for the executive, legislative and judicial branches in the past few months. No one should be subjected to unwanted sexual advances. I commend House and Senate leaders for their immediate and formal follow up to the allegations presented to them.

“I’ll return to Indianapolis late tomorrow night. Until I’ve reviewed the facts in detail, I will have no further comment.”


  1. I have known Curtis and Theresa Hill since they were young parents and working in Elkhart. Our children went to school together, and as many times as I have seen Curtis and heard him speak, he was always a rational and focused man. A devoted father and upholder of the law. I find it unconscionable and ridiculous that he would ever act in any of the ways mentioned here. He is too intelligent, too focused, and would have too much to lose by engaging in such ridiculous and appaling behaviour. The women in question stand to lose nothing by making such accusations, as they are afforded the opportunity to remain anonymous, while they slander and seek to destroy a good man, his name, his reputation, his family, and his future. Bars should have cameras inside, for safety and security purposes. Let’s see the proof of these allegations.

  2. I have had the complete pleasure to meet Mr. Hill recently and in the past. He struck me as nothing but personable, pleasant and polite. I call bs on this story.

  3. Sounds like Curtis is a butt man lol maybe he just had to much to drink and he is having a little trouble adjusting to Indy. He was just blowing off some steam at the bar. First the $350,000 renovations to his office and now this. Power corrupts I guess. And to be honest Debbie Pat and Ginger if he used four Witnesses to make a conviction with circumstantial evidence I bet you would support that because of your personal views of him. And no I’m not a leftist proud Trump supporter over here that respects women, most of all my wife.


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