South Bend Mayor Buttigieg speaks to Illinois Democrats

(Screenshot/CBS This Morning)

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg filled in for former Vice President Joe Biden at a Democratic Party event in Illinois on Thursday.

The annual event, which happens at the state fair, was to feature a keynote address from Biden but he had to decline Tuesday night. He has been ill and his doctors prohibited him from traveling. Buttigieg, who is gaining national attention in the Democratic Party, was greeted with a standing ovation from Illinois Democrats after his remarks.

The Mayor will also speak next month at a Party event in Texas, and has done so in five other states since January.


  1. I want a job that pays me from tax payers money. I want to travel and not do my job while being paid by tax payer money. I really want to spend the tax payers money on my personal agenda…My name is Pete Butti and I approve this message!

  2. He has to get away from all the gunfire from time to time. South Bend is a model for America, after all. At least that’s what he says in his book.

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