Faith-based adoption agency sues after Michigan settlement


LANSING, Mich. (AP) — A faith-based adoption agency is suing Michigan, challenging a settlement that prevents them from refusing to put children in LGBT homes for religious reasons.

St. Vincent Catholic Charities and a couple who adopted five children filed a federal lawsuit Monday, less than a month after Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel announced the agreement. The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan sued the state in 2017 on behalf of lesbian couples who allege they were turned away because they’re gay.

Michigan contracts with private agencies to place children from troubled homes with new families.

A Republican-enacted law says child-placement agencies aren’t required to provide any services that conflict with their religious beliefs. But the settlement says the law does not apply if agencies are under contract with the state.


  1. Why do people in lbgt+ go for services where they are not necessarily to get the best out comes I am quite sure there is more adoption agencies than catholic charities . People I am sure a minority of them a bullies and go looking for a fight no for what ever the person or organization provides whynot support people and business in your community and foster and nurture them so the grow but you would rather fight and destroy people over there religion. They would rather hurt someone who disagrees with than to help someone who agrres with that must be a terrible way to live.

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