Possible $80 million expansion of Century Center in South Bend being discussed

Photo supplied/Century Center)

The Century Center in downtown South Bend could undergo a $80 million expansion that includes construction of a 200-room hotel on the grounds of the building.

The plans also call for a doubling of the amount of convention space, accoridng to WNDU.

Work on the convention center, itself, would cost around  $45 million and, according to WNDU, could come from tax incremental financing, new markets tax credits, as well as the innkeepers tax, a food and beveage tax and other sources.

The hotel would cost around $35 million and would come from a private-sector partner, WNDU reported.

It’s all talk right now. But the conversation is expected to continue when members of the Century Center Board of Managers meets this summer.

Read more about the expansion from the original report by WNDU.


  1. A remodeled bigger Century Center does you no good until the parking situation is resolved. Even if you use the existing parking lot to expand the building you’ll have no room for loading docks, etc. The current location is land locked unless you want to build out over the river or float the additions.

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