Grant sought to fund a new roundabout in Cass County

(Jon Zimney/95.3 MNC)

Cass County officials are considering installing a roundabout at a problem intersection.

The intersection of Redfield and Gumwood near Niles has seen a number of crashes, and the County Road Commission applied for a state grant in early August to fund a roundabout there. A similar request last year was denied but a new study has determined that the construction would alleviate the problems.

If the state grant is approved, construction would begin in the next year. Nearby property owners who would be affected told ABC 57 that they are “on board” with the project.


  1. Hahah dangerous? Only if you dont know how to look left 😉I drive for a living and think they are great change is hard sometimes I guess but maybe cass county should put some money into road maintenance and snow plowing

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