Man accused of recording juvenile using the restroom

(Photo Supplied/ABC 57)

A St. Joseph County man has been charged with child exploitation after he was accused of recording a 16-year-old using the restroom.

In May 2019, the victim found a video on a relative’s old phone that showed her using the restroom. At the time, she asked another relative not to report it, as the “family was going through a hard time,” according to ABC 57.

In October, the victim said it was okay to report the video and police were notified.

The video showed Dustin Floyd setting up the camera before recording the juvenile.

Police spoke with Floyd this month, who admitted to setting up the phone to record in the bathroom, but says he did not intend to record the teen. He also told police that as soon as he saw the video, he stashed the phone in a drawer and bought a new one.

Floyd has been charged with Child Exploitation, Possession of Child Pornography and Voyeurism.


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