Wiegand Family Officially Files Lawsuit Against Royal Caribbean

Family of Chloe Wiegand announces lawsuit against Royal Caribbean/ Photo courtesy of ABC 57 News

For the first time we are hearing from the entire family of Chloe Wiegand, the Granger girl that died when she fell from the window of a cruise ship.

A press conference was held to announce that they have officially filed a civil suit against Royal Caribbean The family’s attorney says their goal is to raise awareness and spark action by the cruise line. In laying out the lawsuit they family has not specified damages, but does make several claims highlighting negligence by the cruise line.

Those claims focus entirely on a large wall of glass windows near the children’s play area where Chloe was lifted up by her grandfather before falling out of the ship. They note there are several longstanding practices specifically designed to prevent window falls. Their lawsuit even includes photos from similar ships where designs prevented this from happening.

During the press conference Chloe’s mother Kim offered a brief statement. Saying that they do indeed think the cruise line is liable, that they hope the lawsuit sparks change, and that they stand as a family on the issue.

Grandfather Salvatore Annello did offer a very short statement but didn’t answer any questions. Kim Wiegand in her statement said that they do not support charges of negligent homicide that have been filed against him in Puerto Rico.

Chloe’s 2nd birthday would have been this Friday, December 13th.


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