Notre Dame Ph.D student removed from program over racist posts

By Eccekevin (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

A post-doctoral student at Notre Dame has been removed from her program after she posted racist comments on her Facebook page.

The student, in her sixth year at the University, posted comments directed at and blaming Chinese students for the spread of COVID-19.

The Observer reports that the student has been dropped from her program in the Department of Psychology. In her comments, she told Chinese students they were “one million percent to blame” for the pandemic, and commented on the Facebook post of a fourth-year Ph.D student, ordering her to “go home” and find out why her country’s representatives “hid this disease.”

A reposting of her comments, calling for her to be removed, was shared over 3200 times.


  1. I would sue. How can you be racist for blaming Chinese when “Chinese” is not a race but a nationality composed of many ethnic groups? I could certainly see requiring her to remove the post and refrain from such in the future as it is not fitting to the beliefs of Notre Dame, but removing her seems financially devastating and an overreaction.

    • I agree. Even the president called it the Chinese Virus. No difference in the Spanish Flu. Now she may have taken it too far saying that they are one million% at fault.

  2. ND bowing to their ChiCom overlords. Please don’t offend those here to steal our technology and support the Communist government so long as they pay their tuition up front. Every company in ChiCom land is a part of the government and required to gather information for them.

    This disease came from China. They spread it across the globe with their bipedal bio-weapons distribution system. Their “workers” and “students” regularly travel back to mother ChiComLand and bring their diseases back with them. But, heaven fore-fend that you say the obvious out loud to those profiting off the fall of our country.

  3. Telling other students to “go home” is pretty bad. However, she is allowed to say what she wants on her FB page. Being an idiot is not illegal.

  4. Back in the good ole days we had free speech in this country…That is long gone as are most of our other rights and values. It is kind of ironic seeing this happen to a student in a very liberal university. If anyone is surprised they obviously don’t know Notre Dame.

  5. More ND “virtue signaling”….and it has nothing to do with being Catholic. Sadly, ND gave up on Catholicism yrs ago. No, this is a typical leftist PC over-reaction. . This would not have happened 30 yrs ago. But today ND has “aspirational peers” like Stanford and the Ivy League. Sadly, the Fighting Irish have become another elitist pagan school that requires a certain uniformity of thought and action. Maybe with the new mandatory virtual learning and shelter in place, more people will realize that paying 60k a yr to attend schools like ND are a massive waste of time and money.

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