Woman, 18, arrested in Porter County after alleged drunken incident on U.S. 12


A drunk 18-year-old woman ran in and out of U.S. 12 in her bathing suit.

Audry Wrisley’s friend call police on Tuesday afternoon because they were lost and Wrisley was drunk and running in the road.

Police found her lying on the ground intoxicated, with minor scrapes and bug bites, said Porter police.

While police were trying to help them, Wrisley punched her friend in the face, and then refused to get into the police car and tried to walk away.

Police said Wrisley was taken to a nearby emergency room, and she kicked a police officer twice in the groin.

She was put in leg restraints, and had to be carried when she refused to get in a wheelchair. She then kicked a computer monitor.

Police said when they got to the Porter County Jail they had to place her in a restraint chair.

Wrisley was arrested for battery, resisting law enforcement, public intoxication, disorderly conduct and possession/consumption of alcohol, said police.


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