Election reform bill would get tougher on voting by mail


The latest election reform package to move at the Indiana Capitol would stop the governor and the state’s election commission from moving election day and would get tougher on voting by mail.

A Senate panel approved the plan from Salem Republican Erin Houchin earlier this week.

She says the idea is to get more people to vote in-person, and vote on Election Day.

Houchin’s proposal originally asked for proof of citizenship before voting, but she gutted that part of the legislation after talking to the secretary of state.

Houchin’s plan still needs a vote in the full Indiana Senate.


  1. I don’t see a problem with asking for a driver’s license either. Try banking, buying beer or using a credit card without supporting identification which is typically a driver’s license. When I can vote for politicians in Canada and Mexico their citizens should then have the right to vote here if they are a resident for 2 years. Otherwise, heck no.

  2. Requiring proof of Citizenship to exercise a right reserved for Citizens seems like a no-brainer to me.

    Of course, the Dems have no brains and still can’t figure it out, so…

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