Elkhart County no longer issuing mask order fines

(Photo Supplied/Indiana State Prison)

Elkhart County is no longer issuing fines to people not wearing masks.

WSBT reports the Board of Commissioners voted to remove that portion of the mask ordinance this week, saying the county has reached a point in the pandemic where it is no longer necessary.

The County’s Health Department has been able to issue fines to customers and businesses caught violating the mask mandate since December.


  1. So as so called a journalistic organization and reporter, could you report on how many fines were issued by Elkhart County? Were the fines actually collected. Inquiring minds want to know!!

  2. Since you reporters are incompetent I contacted the Elkhart County Commissioners to see if there were any fines over the masquerade.

    There were ZERO fines issued over not wearing masks in Elkhart County.

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