PayScale study: Women still earning less money than men


Imagine you’re a woman doing the exact same job as a man. You have the same qualifications, same experience, but you’re making less money. How do you feel?

In 2021, women earn 82 cents for every dollar earned by men in an uncontrolled gender pay gap, said a study done by PayScale, which compares the average salaries of men and women.

“It is an improvement,” said Chief People Officer of PayScale, Shelly Holt. “But, I will say it’s only a one cent improvement since last year.”

The study also looked at controlled gender pay gap, which compares the average salary of men and women with the same job and qualifications. Women earn 98 cents for every dollar earned by men.

So, why are women earning less?

When looking at controlled pay gaps, Holt gave four main reasons.

1: Performance review and pay increase decisions

“A lot goes into these decisions, but unconscious bias can creep up. For example, women may need more time away from work.”

2: Motherhood an unemployment penalties

“Motherhood and unemployment penalties often result in lower job offers for women in the same job as men.”

3: Employee referrals

“White women are 12% less likely to be referred to opportunities, and women of color are 35% less likely.”

4: Hiring discrimination and job offers

“This can happen when women receive lower paid job offers than men for the same job, even when their qualifications are equal.”

Jobs that have the biggest pay gaps in controlled pay gaps are farming, fishery and forestry, and also in installation and repair. In uncontrolled pay gaps the biggest pay gaps are in law professions, and education.

Holt’s advice to women know your worth, and go into job negotiations with confidence. Also, if you’re already in a job, she said communication and transparency between you and your employer to support you is critical.

Closing the pay gap has been a slow process, however, in the future Holt wants to see that pay gap close even more.

“There’s a lot of movements around equity, right now, and I’m hoping that as a result of these movements we finally see these things changing in our society.”


  1. What the study DID NOT look at was equal pay for equal jobs Men take higher skill risker jobs A lineman working with high voltage that can kill quickly in storms working at night should earn more than a cashier in a warm store. Women linemen make the same as men. All the professional women I know, Doctors, pilots etc factory skilled workers make the same or more than men. When you group an entire Population together you seem to make it a discrimination against women. Now, true, Motherhood impedes wages as you may be the primary care giver and defer work Also if you follow your higher earning husband around the country being forced to change jobs you will earn much less than your contemporaries that stay put. To put out a story like this is blatant false reporting

  2. David Kriegel, thank you for saying this. You are absolutely correct. Writing a slanted op ed piece should at least be labeled as such. You can’t call yourself a journalist and only be willing to print the facts that support your agenda. Give us ALL the facts and let us make up our own mind.

  3. Our entire adult life my wife has made more money than I made. Even with time off for birthing our kids she made more because she got PAID to be off on maternity leave.
    Now we are both on social security and guess what, she gets $10k more per year than I do.
    These studies are bunkum and should not be believed. Each person is an individual. this group nonsense is wearing pretty thin as a way to decide what national policies we follow. Besides, there is nothing in the US or our state constitution that loans this kind of authority from The People to the government. I think I understand how this world works a lot better than Oprah. But she still makes boatloads of more money than I do.l In fact, money is a very poor way to measure the relative worth of individuals. sometimes the more wealthy people are the very worst scalawags around. They are people you would never invite to dine at your house. wold yo invite George Soros or Jeffery Epstein to dine with your family?? Didn’t think so.

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