Three Whitmer kidnap plot suspects face an additional charge

(Tommie Lee)

New charges have been added in the kidnapping plot against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Prosecutors have added charges against three of the six plotters.

Adam Fox, Barry Croft Jr., and Daniel Harris are charged with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction in relation to the discussion of blowing up a bridge to delay police response.

The FBI broke up the alleged plot by antigovernmental extremists in the state who were upset about Whitmer’s restrictions related to the pandemic.


  1. “Antigovernmental extremists”?

    You can’t call them “far right extremists” because they posed with an Antifa flag, so you go with “antigovernmental” instead of being honest and saying “far left”?

    Once you start noticing the media spin, it becomes impossible to ignore… Even from sources you like.

    • Or…

      Once you become delusional and paranoid, you start imagining that anything that doesn’t fit your delusions is somehow spun by the media.

      • The media reports facts one way and not the other. Literally, you can read it in this very story.

        I’m not sure how you think that is a “delusion”.


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