St. Joseph County health, government officials fear that Indiana Senate Bill 5 will incite confusion

(Photo supplied/State Of Indiana)

St. Joseph County health and government officials fear that Indiana Senate Bill 5 will cause more confusion over existing mask mandates.

The law was passed after the Indiana General Assembly overrode a veto by Governor Eric Holcomb and will requires health orders more stringent than a governor’s executive order be approved by a local governing body.

“It certainly is disappointing,” said St. Joseph County Deputy Health Officer Dr. Mark Fox. “It focuses attention in the wrong place.”

St. Joseph County had a mask mandate that was set to expire on May 27th but that is now in limbo thanks to the new law.

“It’s unclear of what happens,” said Diana Hess, St. Joseph County Council’s president pro tempore. “It sounds like we’re entering into this no man’s land now.”

Fox agrees and is hoping the County Council will work with the St. Joseph County Health Department to keep the existing mandate in tact for the next two weeks.

“I think it’s important to keep the mask mandate in up until its expiration and not have some political infighting back and forth questioning the status of it,” said Fox.

Hess says she believes decisions on public health are best left to experts.

“We need to rely on our public health officials in times of an emergency and not a legislative body,” said Hess.


  1. There is already gross confusion over mask mandates. Why? Because not a single one of the government maskerade is based on real science. As Dopey King Xo and his court jester Darth Fauci, Let thew Farce be with you, pontificate to keep us face diapered in perpetuity they all ignore real science about masks. if you don’t want to have more confusion or be ignored by THE PEOPLE then straighten up and fly right. Do yourself a favor and look up what CS Lewis said about do-gooders and their victims.

    • Exactly right. The only confusion about masks is on the part of the power mad morons who are mandating them.


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