Elkhart man arrested for fatal hit-and-run crash


A man was arrested Sunday in the fatal hit-and-run incident in Elkhart Friday night.

Police say 34 year-old Ronnie Hapner was arrested early Sunday morning for leaving the scene of the crash that killed 18 year-old Blaine Fisher and seriously injured 18 year-old McKade Nielsen.

The crash happened in the 3000 block of Greenleaf Boulevard around 11 p.m. Friday.

Fisher was on a bicycle and Nielsen was on a skateboard when a vehicle described as a white Dodge Ram pickup truck struck them both.


  1. Hit and run felons are to me one of the most vile cowards Leaving the scene when they may have been able to save someone Letting them die at night alone by the roadside. Cowards. Yes they have affected me personally

  2. I think people who flee the scene should face a greater penalty than if they had stayed. So if you’re drunk or drugged or reckless or whatever, fleeing should automatically carry a more severe sentence. Right now, drunks run away because they’d rather be caught when they are sober…

  3. He needs to be sentence to the fullest. He killed a young kid and seriously injured one. He is a terrible person for he did. More then likely drunk.

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