Court hearing for woman who killed three children at Fulton County bus stop


The woman sentenced to prison for hitting and killing three kids at bus stop was scheduled to appear in court on Friday, Sep. 10.

Lawyers for Alyssa Shepherd are challenging the court order which states how much money she’s required to pay the family of the victims.

The hearing, on Friday, was a contested hearing, so both sides were required to present evidence and testimony.

Shepherd was sentenced to four years in prison for driving past a bus stop arm, hitting four children on State Road 25 near Rochester. Three of which died from their injuries.


  1. I mean I’m so sick of hearing her cry about how awful this is on her!!!! I hope she has to pay every dime and more. She ruined many lives and she upset that first off she even has to go to jail, but second upset she would have to pay victims? We all pay victims. I hope she gets exactly what’s coming to her. She should be in jail for 20 years not 4

  2. Is there a reason the amount she was ordered to pay is not reflected in this article?

    Also, it’s a travesty that she was sentenced to so little time. I would say something about her race being a good factor, but I don’t want to appear cynical…

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