Elkhart Schools report fewer COVID-19 cases after mask mandate

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Two weeks into their mask mandate, Elkhart Community Schools to appear to have fewer COVID-19 cases and close contacts.

Last week, the district had higher-than-usual case counts. This week, the numbers are way lower.

The Elkhart Truth reports the district had 121 confirmed cases among students, 20 confirmed cases among staff and 237 close contacts.

As of Wednesday of this week, there were 37 confirmed cases among students, 8 confirmed cases among staff and 67 close contacts, according to the district’s dashboard.

Elkhart Schools Superintendent Steve Thalheimer said they will continue to monitor case numbers. As well as follow the guidance until the end of the month and then decide what to do from there, in regards to staying masked up.



  1. There’s no way the mask mandate had anything to do with this.

    The weave in cloth masks is 40-1600 times the size of the virus, and between 1.6-66.7 times the size of the aerosolized droplets. That’s also assuming the mask is work properly and not leaking around the edges, both of which are very likely in schools.

    I believe in science, and science says the only masks that work are N95.

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