Gov. Whitmer delivers keynote speech at Mackinac Policy Conference

(Tommie Lee)

Governor Whitmer delivered the keynote address on Wednesday at the Mackinac Policy Conference.

Whitmer highlighted statistics that she says show how the state is getting through the pandemic, noting that Michigan’s unemployment rate is below the national average and has dropped steadily for the past eight months. Personal income has risen in the state to the 4th-highest in the US, and there was growth in the GDP.

Whitmer also commented that she has been humbled by a number of conversations she has had recently with state residents, and while calling for unity she commented how some told her that family members don’t even see each other because of political differences.


  1. The current era of political intolerance is entirely the result of the left. Cancel culture, irrational hatred, and authoritarianism are things that normal people find VERY difficult to live with… Especially when they are the targets of it!

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