Elkhart Schools provide update on COVID-19 cases

(Photo supplied)

The rate of COVID-19 cases and numbers of close contacts at Elkhart Community Schools continues to go down.

That’s the latest update from Superintendent Steve Thalheimer. He says the district counted 43 confirmed cases among students, seven confirmed cases among staff members and 86 identified close contacts.

The Elkhart Truth reports those members are about half of what they were right after Labor Day.

Since then, the district implemented a mask mandate inside its schools.

Thalheimer says it’s keeping fewer students with COVID or close contacts out of school.


  1. How do they know the masks are making the difference. Where is the science on that? There are NO STUDIES that show masks make any difference with Covid. Plus there have been so many lies told about Covid and how to treat it what is a person to believe. I automatically assume they are lying which most of the time they are. Where is the proof Mr. Superintendent????? I seem to remember something about causation and correlation not always being the same. Perhaps the superintendent missed that class.

    • They aren’t making a difference. Jimtown Schools have no mask mandate, and their infections have been dropping at the same rate as the Elkhart Community School Corporations. It has NOTHING to do with masks.

      They are lying. AGAIN.

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