Hung jury in Charles Douglas murder trial

Juan Rojas (left), Charles Douglas (right) Photo supplied/St. Joseph County Jail

A jury was not able to reach a unanimous verdict in a murder case in St. Joseph County court.

Charles Douglas, 19, was charged in the death of Ruben Waters, 21, who was shot an killed in February 2019.

Waters’ body was found in a vehicle in an alley behind the 1300 block of West Washington Street.

Douglas’s defense claimed he shot Waters in self defense from the backseat of the car after Waters, who was in the driver’s seat, pulled a gun on Douglas’s friend, Juan Rojas, who was in the passenger seat.

Waters was shot in the head three times by guns used by Douglas and Rojas.

Three guns were recovered from a nearby home, however, testing showed none of the weapons contained any of Water’s DNA, including the one Waters was alleged to have pulled.

Rojas was found guilty of Waters’ murder last year.

A hearing is expected to take place early next month to determine the next steps forward in the state’s case against Douglas.


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