COVID-related hospitalizations in Elkhart County are worse now

Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay

COVID-related hospitalizations in Elkhart County are worse now, then they were during the fall surge last year.

That’s the word from Dr. Michelle Bache (bay-sh) with Elkhart General Hospital, where they had more than 60 patients, including a dozen in the ICU late last week. That was double the number they were treated just a couple of week ago.

The Elkhart Truth reports Goshen Hospital is seeing a similar surge in COVID patients, most who they say are unvaccinated.

Elkhart County remains in the “red zone,” which is the highest category on the COVID color-coded map.

In the past 30 days, 27 deaths have been reported in the Elkhart County.


  1. From the linked article, Bach is still pleading with people to mask up, get vaxxed, and social distance… All things that we KNOW do not work because of basic science and physics.

    Bache also laments some sort of disconnect between hospital staff and the general public, as if all hospital staff is on board with her edicts. That must be why so many health care professionals are quitting instead of taking the jab…

  2. I heard this screed on the 95.3 news break today. They lament the deaths in Covid Elkhart County. Not a single word on the age of the deceased or their co-morbidity. You guys always leave about half the story out of your reporting. Why should I continue to listen or read???????????????????????????????????????????????

    Are you purposely telling half the story or are you incompetent reporters???

    Do not live your life in a spirit of fear. This news outlet is a fear mongering outlet.

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