Sen. Braun blames Pres. Biden for the current gas prices

Image by IADE-Michoko from Pixabay

Sen, Mike Braun is blaming the Biden administration for gas prices already heading up before the Russia-Ukraine situation.

He said in an interview on Fox Business Network, that the administration purposefully depressed the market a year ago. “They pulled the plug on the Keystone XL pipeline and they also quit the permits on federal land. So, it was two or three things that sent the signal to the marketplace that he’s not the friend of oil and gas,” said Braun.

Braun called the current spike in gas prices temporary, saying Russian oil does not have as much effect on the market as is perceived.


  1. Frankly, ALL of the economic woes we see right now are Biden’s fault. Well, Biden’s and the economic illiterates who actually voted for him or had no problem with the massive voter fraud he “won” with.

    The hikes in food, gas, healthcare, consumer goods, dining, ALL of it come from Biden and the party who backs his idiocy.

    Quite simply, if you voted for Biden or supported the Steal, this is YOUR fault!

  2. This is ALL part of “The Plan”. Those who are pulling Joe Binden’s strings know PRECISELY what they are doing.

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