Elkhart teen arrested with a handgun

(Photo supplied/ABC 57)

A 16 year-old was taken into custody after he was allegedly found carrying a handgun without a license. It happened Friday morning on Eden Street in Elkhart.

An officer saw three people walking through a parking lot between South Main and Eden, and then into an alley off Aldrich Court. All three ran off before the officer could get out of his vehicle, and additional officers responded.

The teen with the gun had hidden himself under a stairwell in the 1300 block of Eden. One other person from the group, an adult, was found but not arrested.


  1. Before all you hoplophobes go off half-cocked: The “teen” was breaking a number state and federal firearms laws by carrying around a handgun he cannot buy or possess until age 21. Where was his Dad?? How about his Mom??? Why is he running around with pals with a handgun in his possession??? Was the gun stolen??? Was it his parent’s??? Why did he run??? Why did he try to hide from officers???

    Why is this story so incomplete???

    • 5 point bonus for using “hoplophobes”!

      I don’t understand how this could possibly happen! I thought it was illegal for a 16 year old to carry a handgun. It’s almost like criminals don’t follow gun laws or something…

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