Man arrested for allegedly stealing vehicle, damaging police car

(Photo Supplied/Elkhart County Jail)

A man has been arrested for allegedly stealing a vehicle and damaging a patrol car in Elkhart County.

The suspect, Douglas Orrick Jr, was seen at the victims house, in the 54000 block of Trash Lane twice, asking about the Chevy Equinox that was parked on the street.

A witness says Orrick broke the driver’s side window, hooked it to his pickup truck and towed it away.

ABC 57 News reports police found Orrick and took him into custody. An Elkhart Sheriff’s Deputy says Orrick ripped off the control button for the window and ripped out wires leading to the rifle rack.

In addition to the theft charge, Orrick also faces one count of criminal mischief.

Read more details from the original report by ABC 57 News here.


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