Antisemitic incidents on IU campus catch Senator Todd Young’s attention

(Official U.S. Senate photo by Rebecca Hammel)
A series of anti-Semitic incidents on Indiana University’s campus have caught the attention of Sen. Todd Young.
Monday, he spoke against the recent acts that are now being investigated. Young met with dozens of Jewish students on campus.
The anti-Semitic comments were posted online.
They targeted Jewish fraternities and students.
The university is calling the situation “disgusting.”
Young says that kind of hate has no place on a college campus, especially one in Indiana.


  1. Any interest in looking into the wave of anti-White incidence, RINO Todd? I don’t hear you crying about the published manifesto of the NYC subway shooter. What about the Waukesha terrorist? How about the murder of 5 year old Cannon Hinnant?

    Selective outrage sucks, Mr Young, and it shows that your concern is phony concern.

  2. Farley reminds me why I’m not voting for Rip Van Todd this time around. He wasn’t my preferred candidate last time either. Todd sleeps through 4-5 years of his term and only awakens when it’s election season. Hence Rip Van Todd.

    • Not to mention RINO Todd’s repeated sponsoring of a bill that would destroy the suburbs by handing the Federal government more control over local zoning laws. It’s called “Yes In My Backyard”. Look it up!

  3. Addition:

    Have any of you written one of our senators or your representative. Do the letters sound very similar despite the issues you wrote about. The entire constituent communications system is on auto pilot. When you select the subject when e-mailing them on their web site you are picking the response letter you will receive. The whole shebang is WORTHLESS! FRAU! PHONY!

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